Wednesday, March 26, 2008

When it pours, He reigns!

My dearest Cos Karen, sent me this book and I just started delving into it yesterday and I have been blessed and couldnt wait to share this nugget of gold I found even within the first few pages! ( italics my own)

"When you encounter a storm, don´t take it personally. Some storms might be of our own making - our own bad choices-but plenty occur simply because we are alive on planet Earth.

Storms come to the good and the bad, to the just and the unjust...they come to us all. And storms are not optional, they are part of the curriculum of life. They are not "electives," nor are they necessarily punishment for something we or someone else has done wrong. They are essential elements for our growth.

In 1991, scientists created an artificial enviornment in Oracle, Arizon, called Biosphere 2 and lived inside it for two years. Inside this self-sustaining community, the scientists created a number of mini-ecosystems, including a desert, a rain forest, and even an ocean. They simulated nearly every weather element except wind.

After a while the effects of their windless enviornment became apparent. A number of trees bent over and even snapped. Without the stress of wind to strengthen the wood, the trunks grew weak and could not hold their own weight.

Like it or not, we have to admit that weathering storms builds our strength..."

"There is greatness within you, and it becomes apparent as you go through your storm."

"May I suggest, that the facts are not nearly as important as the truth. To make it through the storms. our lives must be built on TRUTH and not just facts."

"We are changed, transformed, when our minds are renewed, not necessarily when the circumstances change."


".....Finding out that you were unwanted or unnamed at birth could certainly throw you. This is a real sotrm and it happened to Christine. But honestly it didn´t knock Christine off course. Why? Because the facts concerning her birth didn't change the truth of her life.

The facts of her birth: unnamed and unwanted.

The truth: formed by God, wonderfully created, and a loved-beyond measure daughter of the King!"

I was especially blessed by these last quotes and the difference between facts and truth. Often we say...,"You just have to look at the facts - they speak for themselves! Facts are real, but we must not confuse them with TRUTH! I really could relate to this with some of my storms and I hope that it is a blessing to you too. Better yet, buy the book!


Karolee said...

Sounds like a great book. I am convinced that bad things happen because we live in a sinful world and our response to those situations is what helps build our character. I like the wind analogy. Thanks for sharing.

Karen said...

I have been enjoying your posts so much, am so glad that you have found peace in the storm, right in the eye of it. You know thinking here of the trees - how they need wind and storms to stand up and grow...well God says that we will be like oaks of righteousness, and oak trees are strong, have endured many storms and have grown solidly through out. Just made me think very much of oaks, trees and needing some wind in our lives (not that the prospect is an exciting one). Big squeezes to you. xxx

luvmy4sons said...

It was a blessing to me! Thanks! I also loved that part about truth! It has to be God's truth...our rock during the storms of life! Amen? Bless you! Thanks for the great boook idea!

Nancy said...

This sounds like a book I need to get, thanks for sharing..

freetofly said...

Awesome! I will have to see about getting that book! I love the truth portion, as well as the example about the trees growing weak because of the lack of wind...incredible!

Good stuff, Ally!


Mel's World said...

I absolutely LOVE this book...well, actually I LOVE just about everything from Holly Wagner. She is super sweet and amazingly gifted. I am so glad you are reading and enjoying this book!