Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Let´s catch up a bit....shall we?

The above photo in my header contain my feet.......isn´t it great? I love the sea...I love the sea... I LOVE THE SEA!

A dearest blog friend accompanied me walking up and down the sea´s edge..freezing our toes off...but loving it none the less.. chatting to our hearts content . This was just a part of the tapestry of events during the intense six day stay on my wonderful birth island of Guernsey, jewel of the sea!
Talk about that shaken down, pushed together feeling, by some miracle of time warp, we managed to fit in an abundance of visits and activities that exceeded the limits of a 24 hour day I am just sure of it!

The motive of our trip (I went with my sister), was to celebrate my brother´s 25th Wedding Anniversary, but naturally you combine it with catching up with family and friends and visits to sights that only are retained in your memory, as much as you can. Can you believe that I have lived away from the island now for 25 years!!!!

We enjoyed some lovely meals and fellowship which felt so rich you could have drowned us in the abunance we felt with those who shared their time with us. How important relationships are!
Sadly my camara and I had a falling out during my stay in Guernsey and I didn´t manage to get any pics while I was there... (Grr...grr) So I am glad that Prodigal daughter had hers to capture at least, our antics on film!
My mum was overjoyed by having us there and we had sleeping arrangements like the story of Goldilocks and the tree bears! There definitely was a Papa´s bed, Mama´s bed and Baby´s bed thing going on!
My mum lives in retired housing and there is just one room up and one down plus kitchen and bathroom, so we all squashed into the one bedroom with a normal bed...high and comfortable... that was for mum. Then came the camp bed a little lower, not the less with springs ...that was for my sister. Finally came my bed..... (and yep, you guessed it....) which was a thin mattress on the floor!!! Hmm........ there is something to say for status quo in my house! hahahah! But we had a good laugh and I know how important it is for my mum that we are all together even if I did envy her bed sometimes!!!

My sister and I need to take two flights to get to Guernsey, which naturally means that the travelling swallows up those days. Something interesting happened while waiting at the airport here to catch our flight to Gatwick.

My sister, who teaches English was called up then and there by her boss offering her another job teaching English in a company. She declined saying that the hours were impossible for her and after a few pleasantries, hung up. After a second´s thought I felt that this was a job reaching out for me. Why?
Because the last couple of weeks, several people had mentioned about doing english classes and I wasn´t sure if I could do that so I had brushed it off.

To be honest, I was feeling insecure about my abilities and didn´t savour the idea of a new challenge! But I was feeling that God was tapping on that insecurity door, and offering me His help to face the challenge...

Now here was a job knocking at my door, and I felt it was the Lord saying "Why not?" I knew I didn´t really have a reason to say no, so I told my sister to call back right then and say that I would do it. It was only for 4 hours a week, so I knew it couldn´t be that bad!!!!
The day after we returned from Guernsey, I had an interview and the job was mine....and I started this week. And you know what.... I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT!

I can´t believe I am getting paid to do this! I enjoy it so much and everyone around me seems to be nodding their heads knowingly, saying, "We told you so!!!" and thinking..."Why did she take so long to get it?"

I go one hour a day
just 20 mins away, and teach Business English to the staff of a electrics company and have a blast doing it. I also feel so happy to be able to contribute (even though just a little) to our financial situation without sacrificing being with the family.
I spend quite a bit of time preparing for the classes, but I know that this investment will get less and less. Yet I even enjoy preparing for the class!!! I love making my students laugh and have a good time. My theory is that if they are having fun, they WILL learn....
Thanks for sharing my joy! I know many of you have been walking the process with me!