Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Canary

I have never owned a canary, but my sister has one. He is your classic yellow bird with a tremendous capacity to make a lot of noise! He squeeks, squirks, sings and throws his seed all over the floor -a truly enjoyable pet!

His cage is happily situated in the kitchen where we often sit having a cup of tea and a chat. Naturually we often find ourselves engrossed in different topics of conversation only to discover that our yellow companion joins in! More often than not the bird tends to "out talk" us becoming loud and squirky or simply singing at the top of his lungs! Often we only realize this when we have raised our voices to such a pitch as to hear ourselves over the bird!!!! It´s quite funny actually even though we mutter a somewhat frustrated "shut up" under our breath!

One day, not so long ago, our dear canary friend was strangely quiet. He was still and silent inside his cage and did not join in our conversation or burst into song.

Canaries stop singing for several reasons. They may not sing if they are in the cold or if they are ill. But one of the causes that really caught my attention was that they also stop singing when the molt. This usually happens once a year during the summer and can last between 6 - 8 weeks.

The canary is loosing it´s plummage .... and stops singing. It is stripped and doesn´t find anything to sing about.

Right now I find myself feeling like that molting canary. I feel "stripped" and discouraged and have lost my song.

I wish that I wasn´t writing such a "low" post, but I can't muster what isn´t there into being and felt I needed to be transparent! I am hoping that this time of molting...which I do believe that God is using inspite of the present pain and discomfort I am living... will soon pass.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Susan Branch´s art

I was sent this via email by a really good friend of mine and if you would like to see it bigger and like the artist you can click on the title to go to her web page.

God wants to help!

During the Sunday Service, we were once again reminded that God wants to help us!

Doesn´t it sound basic, straight forward and simple? Yes certainly! But is it not a hard and subsequent difficult action for us to actually count on God´s help for every situation? I know that it is for me! So often I shift back into "Sara mode" and off I go to start looking for a Hagar to get pregnant and get my problem solved and the show on the road!

Isaiah 41: 14 goes on to say:
Do not be afraid, O worm (hey...what kind of an adjective is that?) Jacob,

O little (hmm...what are we trying to say here????) Israel,

For I myself will help you.

Declares the Lord,

Your Redeemer,

the Holy One of Israel.
(oh my god is sooooo big...does anyone out there remember that children´s song???)

Is this not comfort and assurance enough? Why is it that we so quickly fall into doubt and despair? I really wish that I could get this once and for all... you know, like not go round the proverbial mulberry bush again and again because I don´t get it in my head!!

God not only "has" to help me.... he wants to help me and he backs it up with the full weight of His name, His character and His very existence!

It doesn´t take too many guesses to discover who would love me to forget God´s goodness. Who wants me to doubt His love at every turn. The bible teaches us:

Yet, even considering the reality of the spiritual battle that longs for me to deny God I am free and able to turn to God´s word and see for myself what the truth is and reach out for him. I know that God´s help is there for me today and in every and any situation. Whatever I am facing, I am not alone and God wants to help me.

Not according to my conditions, but rather according to His love and my wellbeing at heart conditions! They are always the best condtions!

If I look back over this past year, I can see how God has helped me. No it hasn´t always been void of pain and tears, but I have never been alone. God has ALWAYS been with me. In retrospect I can see that actually God made ways where I thought there were none.
1 Sam 7:12
"Thus far has the Lord helped us!"
Has God not indeed, helped us until now???? Can you not agree and look back with me and see that truly the Lord has helped you thus far????
God does not hand life to us on a silver platter. I don´t know where we get this idea that all things should slide like silk in our lives, it just isn´t biblical. God not only warns us of trials and tribulations he tells us not to be surprized when they come. He didn´t give the promised land to the Israelites without teaching them first to fight the giants! With God´s help they conquered numero battles that logically they should have lost just based on numbers!!! God doesn´t want wimps he wants warriors !!!
He promises to be our personal trainer and help us!
He trains us and purifies our characters, humbles and hunes us where we still think that somewhere along the road we know what we are doing or trust in our own strength and capacity.
Only in complete surrender are we strong and secure and only in trust and confidence do we rest in His everlasting arms.
Whatever your giant today.... remember that the Holy one of Israel will help you!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Saturday Night Gospel Concert

(this photo is from google!)

On Saturday night my husband, daugher and I attended a gospel concert and I was just so blessed.

I have always had a very great admiration for the wonderful gift of music and annointing God has bestowed on our Afro American brothers and it doesn´t cease to stirr my soul when I hear them sing! Not only is there power in their voices, there is power in their spirits. How can one remain seated and keep still when they start to sing? Nope...not me!

The special guest singer to join the gospel choir for this Christmas Concert was Charrisse Nelson-McIntosh, and if you click on the title you will be lead to her myspace and there are several songs and videos you can hear for yourself!

There was a guy called Amos who also lead out in some songs He was inspiring not just to hear but also to watch! He was smiling and moving... just like the bible says with body, mind and soul, he was giving his everything in song to the Lord. You know they have these amazing eyes and capactity of expression that few, or better said, no white people possess!

I contemplated the history of slavery as they sang, how these men and women suffered, yet still they found Jesus. Not only did He comfort them, but He was able to make them free within their bondage. Free to be content within the circumstances until at last indeed they became real free men. Boy are there some truths in there for us.
Not only do I enjoy this style of music, it goes deeper than that. When I left I felt like I had been renewed from thei nside out!

Intelligence Finally Explained!!!

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Friday, December 07, 2007

Ten Things Meme

You are probably all wondering where I had gone! Well it´s been a busy 3 weeks and I thought that by answering this meme... I might cover might cover most of it!!!!

Ten things I did this weekend

  1. Attend my Sister-in-Law´s wedding. Actually we have been building up for this wedding for the last couple of weeks!!!! (buying clothes, etc....)It was a beautiful wedding...fotos next post!!!
  2. Drive down and back to Sevilla for the wedding (6hrs there and 6 hrs back!!!)
  3. Pack and unpack for trip (including snacks and wedding outfits...and not forgetting the iron just in case the shirts needed a touch up!)
  4. Arrived in Sevilla in time for the "meet the in laws" meal. We were 18 I think Including 4 kids and 3 pregnant women!!!! That was really fun!
  5. Sing two songs during the wedding cermony!
  6. Get dressed up and do a skit with my sister for the wedding party!
  7. Co-ordinate other entertainment at the wedding party.
  8. Act as translator into german and host for a good friend who attended the wedding!
  9. Clean up house where we were kindly able to stay during the wedding, leaving a thank you card and gift!
  10. Enjoy!

Nine things on my agenda last week

  1. Prepare the house for visitors ( a friend from Germany and Stephan´s bro and family from the USA) downstairs in guest apartment: cleaning, making beds etc

  2. Major clean up in our home!

  3. Prepare and practice skit with my sister for the wedding

  4. Prepare meals for visitors

  5. Keep up with the kids homework

  6. Wash and iron clothes to be worn at the wedding

  7. Enjoy visitors! Especially our little niece who is 2 who came from L.A.

  8. Grocery Shopping

  9. Take kids backwards and forwards to their activities

Eight shows I've watched

Not had much time to watch shows really but if I did have a bit it would be:
  • I watch Westwing
  • I love Lucy
  • Home Improvement

  • Ratatouille (recently attained in the USA!)

Seven things I cooked

  1. Ikea Meat balls with sauce, roast potatoes and peas

  2. pizza

  3. Spaghetti

  4. Zuchinni Soup

  5. Pumpkin Soup

  6. Salads

  7. pancakes!

Six things I read

  1. The bible
  2. Tim Taylor´s book... (I don´t recommend it as it´s quite rude... a big disappointment)
  3. Mosiac by Amy Grant... I am a little disappointed in the book (man am I negative today or what??!)because I thought it would be more of biography, but it is just little anecdotes really. I guess it wasn´t what I expected
  4. My friends blogs!
  5. Morning and Evening Daily Readings by C.H. Spurgeon
  6. Emails!

Five reasons to be happy

  1. All my basic needs are well taken care of
  2. I have a husband who loves me and tells me all the time!
  3. Family
  4. Friends
  5. Tea exists!

Four things I need to buy

Not much....finances are tight!!! Just the bare necesities!

Three people I saw this weekend

Wow I saw about ten million people at the wedding! Is that good enough???

Two things I am thankful for right now

To have my little niece from America here with her mum and dad! That´s like 3 guys are going to be wondering about my mathematical skills!!!

One person I'm tagging:


Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Sever´s Disease, Visitors and a Wedding

What do all these things have in common? My life these past three weeks!!!

What is Sever´s Disease?

It started two weeks ago with visits to the doc for Nº 3's heel that was getting worse rather than better. She had been using crutches for over a month! After several visits to the pediatrician, 2 visits to the hospital and 3 different diagnosis.. we now fianlly found the real problem. She has Sever´s Disease.
It sounds bad, but in laymans terms it is called the growing disease. The bones grow at a faster rate than the surrounding muscles, tendons etc thus causing tension and lots of pain. It seems that this tends to happen to active children, but not always. It´s like acne I guess..some get it and some don't but we all pass through puberty ! The heel bone is the first bone to finish growing and often is one that causes most issues, although it can happen in the knees too. The good news is that it isn´t serious, the bad news is there is nothing they can do except to give anti-inflammatories and time!!!! Like until she is 15!!!!!!

It was thought at one point she had a calcuim build up of sorts that was rubbing against the bone. This would have needed to be removed surgically. So emotionally, we have gone up and down... plus all the time running around to docs and hospitals and waiting for hours has been very draining.


Due to the wedding we were excited about having family and friends visit on their way to the wedding which was taking place in Sevilla. This implied of course cleaning up and preparing for them so that their stay would be as enjoyable as possible.


My dearest Sister-in-law was getting married ! Yahoo! We are all so excited that this long awaited event had finally arrived! All dressed up to the hilt and enjoying a wonderful celebration of their vows under the beautiful Seville Sun in the heart of Andalucia, Southern Spain! Fotos to come!