Tuesday, April 17, 2007

No, I´m not dead!!!

You guessed it..... my computer died................ not me!!! WE just picked it up from Computer hospital where they removed all the viruses and now we are back to system basics!

Also my cat had kittens.... Easter Friday.... a nice reminder of life after Jesus´s death! It definitely was a real excitement to see them being born...all 5 of them. I wanted to write a really cool blog about the whole thing with pics (the above pic I got from google just to add the feeling!!)...but that will have to wait now for a few days until we get everything put back on the computer!

Also.... on 19th Dh and I will be leaving, by car, to be a part of a yearly retreat we help to organize in Castellón... They kids have been "shuffled" out between families....We get back on Sunday pm.

Also... I did discover, by using my husbands work computer, that I have been nominated for the Blog Thinker Award.... A great honour indeed! I shall get on that right away upon my return and write the appropriate post! Thanks to those of you who voted for me.... oh man Im blushing.
Well hopefully I will see you all soon......
"all things come to them that .......WAIT!!!!!!!!!!" ha ha ha