Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Sever´s Disease, Visitors and a Wedding

What do all these things have in common? My life these past three weeks!!!

What is Sever´s Disease?

It started two weeks ago with visits to the doc for Nº 3's heel that was getting worse rather than better. She had been using crutches for over a month! After several visits to the pediatrician, 2 visits to the hospital and 3 different diagnosis.. we now fianlly found the real problem. She has Sever´s Disease.
It sounds bad, but in laymans terms it is called the growing disease. The bones grow at a faster rate than the surrounding muscles, tendons etc thus causing tension and lots of pain. It seems that this tends to happen to active children, but not always. It´s like acne I guess..some get it and some don't but we all pass through puberty ! The heel bone is the first bone to finish growing and often is one that causes most issues, although it can happen in the knees too. The good news is that it isn´t serious, the bad news is there is nothing they can do except to give anti-inflammatories and time!!!! Like until she is 15!!!!!!

It was thought at one point she had a calcuim build up of sorts that was rubbing against the bone. This would have needed to be removed surgically. So emotionally, we have gone up and down... plus all the time running around to docs and hospitals and waiting for hours has been very draining.


Due to the wedding we were excited about having family and friends visit on their way to the wedding which was taking place in Sevilla. This implied of course cleaning up and preparing for them so that their stay would be as enjoyable as possible.


My dearest Sister-in-law was getting married ! Yahoo! We are all so excited that this long awaited event had finally arrived! All dressed up to the hilt and enjoying a wonderful celebration of their vows under the beautiful Seville Sun in the heart of Andalucia, Southern Spain! Fotos to come!


Sharon said...

Glad to have you back. I asked Karen and Bunny Girl if they knew what was going on with you.
Last night Karen told me you were very busy.
Glad to know that you were just busy and that all is well.
Looking forward to seeing some pictures.

Karolee said...

Sever's Disease, eh? How is it diagnosed? My son has been complaining about his ankle for years. Somedays it bothers him and most days he never mentions it. I wonder if that is what he has.