Saturday, August 30, 2008


Canela is over 14 years that´s like 98 in Dog years. She is an old lady, but she is still spritley and energetic when she hears the words "walkies!", eager and expectant in case some crumbs fall by the way during meal times and grateful for any attention that comes her way! We have been taking care of her for a few days,while my sister is on holiday.

Canela means cinnamon in Spanish, which suits her colouring to a tee! She is though, as her age dictates, somewhat grumpy and fiesty when it comes to allowing people to touch her....but I guess that due to the aches and pains her little body must experience at her age.

Canela is a true reflection of the words "sticks closer than a brother" and follows me without tiring, around the house. Where ever I go...she goes.... just like Ruth said to her mother in law! Wherever I am ...there she is at my side... even a trip to the bathroom can not be missed by her watchful eye and listening ear. There she follows me with her pitter patter of four paws making there clickety clackety on our fake wood floor up and down.

Even if I am in my tidying up mode up and down, and in and out of rooms, taking clothing here...dirty washing there.... it´s never too much for Canela to follow. There she is like a shadow at my side. Faithful, watching, loyal...close.

It make me think how our Heavenly Father also is always with us. There is no place where his presence does not follow. Nowhere where His love and grace do not reach us. If only I could remember this in those moments when God feels far away, distant and quiet.

Dear God, continue to renew the revelation of Your constance in our lives and may we always take advantage of our instant connection into Your presence and into Your arms.

Emanuel..... God is with us!


Braving the Storm said...

Love your little doggie friend, Canela, Ally. you are soo right about them being faithful and hanging in tere however you feel. My own little one has been really empathising with me in recent pain etc.

My only concern with your blog was that in the picture of you at Liberation Ball you might have been wearing Canela over your shoulder!

Ally said...

ha..ha.. yeah I agree... on comparing the photos it did look dangerously close to Canela´s colouring!!!!

Nat said...

CANELA!!! This picture of her is way too cute! Loved it :)
My family has a dog too, Kika, she stays w my parents in Campos. When I first moved it was so strange to get home and dont have that little thing jumping in my legs! ha ha Shes 11 and is exactly how u said w my mom! It doesnt matter if mom is sleeping on the couch and she, surely, also is right next her on the floor and mom wakes up to go somewhere... there she goes, wakes up too, even if she was in her deepest dreams! :D
I love dogs. Really great friends ha ha. So, very nice anology to our Greatest One! Im gonna read this to my mom sometime! ;)
Te quiero, Ally, besotes!

Sharon Brumfield said...

What a cute dog.
At this time we don't have a dog because we are in our camper and that just would not work.
But as soon as we get in our home we have told Julia she may get a puppy. It will be nice to have a new dog...our dog Rusty was just like yours. He was my constant companion while everyone was a school and work. I miss him.
Kind of like how I miss God when my life is not what it should be. I know He is there but don't notice Him there as I should.

Demara said...

She is a pretty dog, isn't she?

Terri said...

She is a cute little dog. How nice that you are able to watch her for your sister.

Dasus said...

I liked the prayer in the end... yes, I guess that´s what we DO need... his revelation... I love you lots!

Dasus said...

by the way... dasus is me, Susana ;-)

Karen said...

What a cute dog. I had to laugh at Eric's comment about the Liberation stole...that was too funny!!

Mel's World said...

Aw, Ally, she is so cute! I love your analogy to Naomi/Ruth!

luvmy4sons said...

I just did a post not that long ago of similar nature about my dog Molly, a yellow lab who follows me around- even lies on the bathroom floor when I shower...she will soon be 12. Gotta love dogs!

Heather's Brain said...

AHHHH big hugs, I just LOVE doggy stories!!!