Sunday, May 28, 2006

A new Dad?

When the two men were walking on the road to Emmaus, they weren´t expecting or even wanting to meet anyone important, let alone the Lord Jesus himself! Yet as God would have it, one of the sweetest moments in their lives took place when least they expected it.

This past month has bought with it tremendous joy....visits from both Stephan´s family and mine. From the east and from the west! It has been a very busy time (major understatment!!) but a very memorable one too. These special moments deserve a page all of their own...and maybe I can get to that...but I wanted to share another surprize that God had in store for me....In the midst of all these comings and goings God intervened just like he did to those on the road to Emmaus....... when least I expected it.

Lynwood and his wife June were staying just a couple of nights at my sister´s place, part of a team visiting from the U.S. working with Terry and Marilyn. There was an instant, supernatural, connection there but I didn´t realize that God had something more in mind. Lyn was about to come into my life to fill a lack I wasn´t really thinking could be filled....the role of Dad....a spiritual Dad.

As I shared with Lyn about my studies and involvement with the Red Cross, I would have never suspected the effect his affirmative words would have on me and the tears they would produce. When we lose our earthly fathers to death or to emotional distance, God in his love can reflect his Fatherheart through the willingness of Father´s in the faith - in the body of Christ. They can provide in a spiritual way, that reference and support a daughter needs.

When my Dad past away in October 2003, I knew that an important part of me had been left orphaned. What I didn´t realize was that I could be "adopted!" . I believed that God in His love understood my loss and that He would "complete" me. What I didn´t expect, was that He would do it through another earthly "father."

Thanks Lyn..



Susana said...

Dear Ally,

What I just read fills me with Awe... I am so happy for you.. I love you dearly and even though I know you know that, I wanted to tell you again... it always feels good to hear it, no?

Karen said...

I really enjoy getting to know more about you and what is happening with you, you write beautifully and well, I appreciate and love all that you share.

Karen said...

Well, although that Karen wasn't me, I do agree with her whole-heartedly!
That was really special about Lyn, very significant.
Thanks for your sensitivity, your good humour... just for being you!
Karen C.

heather said...

Thanks for sharing awesome and I'm glad I was able to meet him...even if it was just for a moment...:)

Yasmin said...

That is lovely.